Junior Staff Application 2017


To apply, carefully read everything on the junior staff info page, and then respond via email with the information requested below.

1) Your full name, any nicknames you’ve consistently used at camp, age as of August 2 2017, birthdate, and what sessions (and years) you have attended NBTSC as a camper (if any).

2) Which session(s) do you prefer to work?

3) Are there any sessions for which you are definitely unavailable? Which?

4) Describe your skills and experience in the following areas.

5) Travel logistics and support: Do you think you would do a good job of supervising a bus or van ride and helping people to get on their planes, trains, etc.? How about getting them organized on the first day of camp, in order to get on buses or vans? Any relevant experience or personal qualities? Have you traveled frequently yourself? Would you do a good job of communicating with worried or confused parents?

6) Driving questions

7) Certifications: Are you certified in any of the following? If so, please give expiration dates.

If not certified in any/all of the above, are you willing to get certified (at your own expense) in any before NBTSC? Which? (We may count on you to follow through, so think before you respond.)

8) Have you thoroughly read this year’s Junior Staff information? Do you anticipate having any difficulties with anything described there?

9) What will make you a strong peer advisor and role model to campers who are your own age and near your own age (as well as much younger)? What difficulties and challenges do you foresee in stepping into this role at NBTSC? How will you engage your responsibility to communicate openly and honestly with NBTSC senior staff regarding anything problematic (like agreement breaking) that you might become aware of? (We are very interested in your response to this question, so take your time.)

10) Briefly describe any skill/experience with babysitting/childcare (not usually a key part of junior staffing, but sometimes needed).

11) What other skills, experiences, or qualities do you have that would make you a helpful junior staffer?

12) What do you expect to be most challenging about working junior staff? What personal weaknesses or difficulties do you have that you imagine you may need to be mindful of or compensate for?

13) Why do you want to work at NBTSC?

14) Any other reason we should choose you?

15) Name 2 people we can contact for references. Include their phone numbers and email addresses, and briefly explain your relationship to them.

16) We often (but not always) assign each junior staffer to a specific role—assistant cook, assistant to the dish queen, or logistical assistant. Which would you prefer, and why? Would any of these positions be unacceptable to you?

17) Anything else you want us to know?

Once more with feeling: We really love and really need our junior staffers! Thank you for applying!