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Welcome to NBTSC 2016!

Don't miss our 21st annual extravaganza for unschoolers & homeschoolers ages 13-18.

Jumpstart your life with
high hopes, new interests, a loud splash, and a tribe of new friends!


Session 1: August 7-15 (8 nights) ~ Camp Latgawa (Eagle Point, Oregon)
Session 2: August 23-Sept 6 (14 nights) ~ Camp Myrtlewood (Bridge, Oregon)


Sept 22-Oct 1 (9 nights) ~ Farm & Wilderness Tamarack Farm (Plymouth, Vermont)


Campout: November 2-4 (2 nights) ~ Joshua Tree Lake Campground (Joshua Tree, California)
Main session: November 4-11 (7 nights) Joshua Tree Retreat Center (Joshua Tree, California)

For details on all sessions, start with our essentials page.

"I signed up for camp hoping it would change my life. It didn't. But it gave me the tools and resources, and most importantly, the inspiration, to go out and change my own life, and stop expecting other people to drop epiphanies in my lap, or change my life for me." -a camper